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Schools for Hope

Escarpment High School for Boys

Escarpment High School for Boys touts a high level of discipline and achievement among the student body. As a boys boarding school, students are afforded excellent food and shelter. Escarpment, a public high school, is located in Lari-Naivasha county near Nairobi, Kenya and is known as one of the best performing county schools. The teaching staff is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals. The school rounds out it's opportunities for students by providing strong extra-curricular activities such as soccer.

Muthurwa High School for Girls

Muthurwa is a public secondary school located in Kiambu county near Nairobi, Kenya. The female students' need for food and shelter are a priority. Muthurwa is well established as one of the stronger female boarding schools in the area. The school is known for its Christian foundation and for quality extra-curricular activities.

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