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The Tower Project

January 2023

The Tower Project

In the fall of 2023, the Hope Markers Team took its annual trip to Nairobi to meet with leaders and Pastors from Sports Aid Africa, Zinduka of ICC Church and Mbagathi Road Primary School.

While touring the five-acre campus of classrooms, soccer fields, and a sustainable garden run by the students, questions quickly came to the hearts and minds of the team.

“How can we help?” is the first question they asked the Principal Ms. Dorothy. She spoke of ways to nourish the land, gardens, and increase sanitation. A new restroom had been donated. However, no running water was installed during the project. “Can Hope Markers help us with the ability to have running water in the new restroom?” Ms. Dorothy asked. Water and food, the foundations of life were the two main concerns Ms. Dorothy had for her students.

Hope Markers knew it was time to get to work. When they got back to the States, they began to share the stories, pictures, and hearts of Ms. Dorothy, her staff, and the students. Their story resonated with individuals and organizations that partner with Hope Markers and a passion was born to provide a water source for the restrooms. One day during a strategic meeting the founder and president of the DG Warriors Athletic Club said that he and his wife wanted to provide the majority of the funds that it would take to build the water tower and build the connection to the facilities. Because of their generosity and the generosity of other donors the funds were provided, the water tower was built, and fresh water was made available. Hope Markers would like to thank Bob, his wife Gretchen, and the DG Warriors for their support.

Hope Markers partnerships reach across the miles. Because Hope Markers partners with ICC Church and their Zinduka Minstry in Nairobi, they also joined in the project to help find responsive contractors to be sure the 10,000-liter tower was built to code and will be maintained to a high standard.

Students, Teachers, Hope Markers, and the other partners in the Hope Alliance want to express their deepest gratitude for those who see and contribute to the mission: Thank you for investing in the future projects of Hope Markers.

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