Our Calling

Empower students, support teaches, enhance campuses.

Our Roadmap of Hope

A foundational approach to provide tools and support so Kenyans can empower their youth to live out their God-given potential.

Marker #1

Children are vetted by our dedicated coaches, teachers, and social workers to enter our mentoring program.

Marker #2

Through the program, students learn about their passions, goals, and talents and prepare to enter school.

Marker #3

Once students are prepared, they are enrolled in school with all tuition, room and board, and supplies provided by Hope Markers.

Marker #4

Mentors walk with students throughout their education to encourage them to excel throughout their education.

Marker #5

Mentors work with students in their educational process to realize their future goals for university, trade, internships and ultimately job placement.

Join the Journey

Collectively, we have the opportunity to positively impact thousands of lives.

We Are Making a Mark!


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